2" Drum Bung Lock - Black

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Protect your storage drum contents today! Prevent cross contamination, theft or even sabotage of steel drum contents with the new low profile, pallet stackable 55 gallon drum lock from Bud and Tony's Truck Parts.

These bung locks are made from a strong industrial grade Zamak 5 metal alloy. There are no loose parts to fumble with, drop, or misplace! The uniquely hinged one piece, low profile design quickly clamps securely around the bung lip.

The 55 gallon drum locks can be keyed alike or separately and master keys are available upon request. NO PAD LOCKS ARE NEEDED. The cost of having a stolen or contaminated product is not something you want to deal with.

Our locks install in seconds and can prevent this. Not only that but our bung locks are designed to last and can be reused easily. Contact us today and stop losing money! 2 in. Bung Lock - Black

This drum lock set includes: Instructions 2 Keys 2 x 2-inch metal drum locks