KICK STOPS - Cargo Restraint Device (Wood)

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KICK STOPS are designed specifically for enclosed trailers, rail and ocean containers to effectively minimize pallet movement, reduce loading and unloading times and promote operator safety.  Crafted from high-grade steel and precision formed for complete durability, KICK STOPS are a cost-effective and user-friendly solution the industry needs.  KICK STOPS Cargo Restraint Wooden Floor Device The KICK STOPS wood floor device works to secure pallets inside enclosed trailers, ocean containers, and intermodal transfers by eliminating pallet movement. Not allowing pallet movement prevents shifting, toppling, and damages.  Secure Freight: Eliminate pallet movement Decrease damage, shifting/toppling, and reject loads Works with all wood shipping materials Save Time: Drastically reduce load/unload times Only installs on tail end pallets No tools needed  No additional securement needed Save Money: Eliminate expensive dunnage, storage and disposal Decrease labor costs Available in packs of (4) or (20)