Tool, Storage & Battery Boxes

Tool, Storage & Battery Boxes for Semi-Trucks

Protect your tools, equipment, batteries and much more with durable storage boxes made from attractive diamond-plated steel. Bud and Tony's Truck Parts is your one-stop-shop for heavy-duty toolboxes and other steel containers for storing truck batteries, safety equipment, roadside maintenance supplies and much more. All our different boxes install with ease on virtually any semi-truck for increased protection from thieves, the road and extreme weather.

Durable Semi-Truck Boxes Made to Last

Whether you drive a Freightliner, Volvo, Mack, Kenworth, Peterbilt or other rig, we have a large selection of boxes in different sizes and styles to fit your truck. Shop our inventory of tool, storage and battery boxes for semi-trucks to find the right size and style for any application, with a variety of available accessories. Installation is fast and simple with reliable box mounting kits and hardware.

Tool Boxes

Truckers need tools on the road, and without a place to go, they're up against the risk of theft, rust and weather damage. Bud and Tony's Trucks Parts is a leading online distributor of durable tool boxes for semi-trucks, made from aluminum, black steel and stainless steel. Find the right size and style to match your truck with dozens of lockable toolboxes to choose from, keeping tools in and thieves out.

Storage Boxes

We distribute sturdy and secure semi-truck storage boxes for keeping your valuables protected from the weather and from criminal hands. Find universal locking storage boxes to meet your unique needs, metal boxes with specific purposes like storing jugs of DEF fluid and a diamond plate connection box. From large boxes with built-in steps to smaller boxes for tucked-away areas, we have you covered.

Battery Boxes

Bud and Tony's Truck Parts is the preferred source for a large selection of sturdy semi-truck battery boxes. These battery boxes are made from lightweight aluminum, resisting damage and corrosion for a long lifespan and ongoing attractive appearance. Save time you'd otherwise spend mounting boxes with a no-drill kit or replacing batteries with optional battery hold-downs.

Mounts and Accessories

Mount new tool, storage and battery boxes using reliable mounting kits and brackets designed to accommodate boxes of any size and configuration. We distribute quality parts and accessories necessary for installing, personalizing and maintaining all the different boxes we carry. Our semi-truck box mounts are made to last as long as your truck, attaching easily to any rig.

Competitive Prices on Tool, Storage & Battery Boxes

Whether you're an independent owner/operator spending long hours behind the wheel or a fleet manager upgrading many semi-trucks at once, Bud and Tony's Truck Parts is your partner in service, quality and value. We have everything you need for the road ahead to keep you safe, comfortable and protected.