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Aluminum Tool Boxes - 18" x 18" - Diamond Plate Double Door


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Aluminum Tool Boxes - 18" x 18" - Diamond Plate Single Door


Ships FREE in the Continental United Statess


Aluminum Tool Boxes - 18" x 18" Smooth Single Door


Ships FREE in the Continental United Statess


Aluminum Tool Boxes - 18" x 18" Smooth Double Door


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Aluminum Tool Boxes - 18" x 24" - Diamond Plate Double Door


Ships FREE in the Continental United Statess


Aluminum Tool Boxes - 18" x 24" - Diamond Plate Single Door


Ships FREE in the Continental United Statess


Aluminum Tool Boxes - 18" x 24" Smooth Double Door


Ships FREE in the Continental United Statess


Aluminum Tool Boxes - 18" x 24" Smooth Single Door


Ships FREE in the Continental United Statess


Aluminum Tool Boxes - 24" x 24" - Diamond Plate Double Door


Ships FREE in the Continental United Statess


Aluminum Tool Boxes - 24" x 24" - Diamond Plate Single Door


Ships FREE in the Continental United Statess


Aluminum Tool Boxes - 24" x 24" Smooth Double Door


Ships FREE in the Continental United Statess


Aluminum Tool Boxes - 24" x 24" Smooth Single Door


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Kenworth Advanced Cab Entry Complete Tool Box


NOTE: RoadWorks products are made to order and take 8-10 weeks for delivery.

Ships FREE in the Continental United Statess


Buying Guide for Truck Tool Boxes

In the fields of construction and outbound installation and maintenance, you need to be organized throughout each day on the job. If you are not properly organized, you could end up losing minutes on the hour and hours on the week as you scramble to find vital tools when you need them. With the right kind of toolbox for your truck or trailer, you can more easily keep your tools organized throughout each day and maximize your time on the clock.

Better organization could be the difference between staying ahead or falling behind schedule during a busy day of appointments. With a truck tool box, any tool you need will be at your immediate disposal the moment it becomes necessary.

Benefits of Truck Tool Boxes

When you have a tool box for your truck, the tools of your trade are organized at all times. Throughout each shift, you are spared the clutter and confusion that are liable to arise in a disorganized working situation where tools are strewn about your truck. When stored inside a tool box, your tools are also protected from theft and the elements. Moreover, you never have to worry about losing a tool when every tool not in use at the given moment is neatly stored in a box.

1. Storage

Anyone who works in the fields of construction or outbound repairs and maintenance knows that organization is a vital component of the business. To that end, you must have everything securely stored and organized at all times, including your work tools. With an aluminum truck tool box, each tool goes in a certain place when it is not in use. A tool box frees you from the inconvenience of a disorganized, non-existent storage system, where tools can end up all throughout the cab and back of your truck. The storage provided by a tool box also frees up other space throughout your vehicle for non-tool items.

2. Easy Access to Tools on Site

When you are at a work site, time is of the essence. The scope of a given job requires your full attention, and you need to have your tools on hand for the entirety of each shift. If your tools are not organized and stored in a safe, reliable place, you run the risk of losing certain tools when you most need them. With a tool box, you won't have to worry about misplacing tools at the most inopportune moments. Whenever you need to reach for that hammer, screwdriver or wrench, you will know where to find it at a moment's notice. 

3. Weather Protection

Tools can develop rust if left exposed to puddles, rain or air with high moisture content. Rain and snow could expose your valuable metal tools to prolonged water exposure. If allowed to dry naturally, corrosion could take root. Even if you always have your tools indoors, moisture in the air could have a corrosive effect in cold weather or in hot, closed working spaces that lack proper ventilation. When you keep your tools in a weather-resistant toolbox, you don't have to worry about exposure. The box will seal out the elements and keep your tools free of corrosion.

4. Theft Prevention

Tools comprise a significant portion of the operating expenses for a construction business. It can also take weeks, if not months, to amass a complete collection of all the necessary tools that allow you to perform work with maximum efficiency. With a truck tool box, your work tools will be safe from prying hands. Many tool boxes are tamper-resistant thanks to their retracting locks and strong bodies. Regardless of the shape or design of the box, no thief will be able to make off with a single tool.

Truck Tool Box Styles

Tool boxes come in a variety of design styles, each to suit the needs of different types of users. Some consume space on the trailer or truck bed while others mount to the inner-edges or over the tops of the side rails. Whether you need a box for long tools, short tools or both, there are a half-dozen box designs from which you can choose for your work vehicle. The following styles of tool boxes are popular among today's construction workers and maintenance specialists:

1. Top Mount

Top-mount tool boxes mount to the top of the rail at either side behind the cab of a truck. Unlike side-mount and cross-bed boxes, which lie flat along the rails and open up on top, the top-mount tool box mounts at a 90-degree angle and opens on the front, with a panel that drops down. Top-mount boxes typically contain several of these drawers, perhaps with two compartments along one row and one long compartment along the other row. Top-mount boxes provide ample space for tools of various sizes and are easy to open and access. At Bud and Tony's Truck Parts, we sell aluminum topsider truck boxes in five different sizes, from 48 inches long to 96 inches long.

2. Underbody

The under-bed tool box is designed for users who wish to maximize the free space in the back of their trucks. Whereas most types of tool boxes mount to the side rails of the truck bed, the underbody box is fastened to the underside of the trailer. To open an underbody box, you pull the handle outward like a drawer and access your tools. An underbody toolbox keeps tools safe, secure and organized while leaving maximum free space in your trailer or truck bed for larger objects such as ladders, machines, vehicles and other components. At Bud and Tony's Truck Parts, we sell underbody aluminum truck boxes in three different sizes, from 36 inches long to 60 inches long.

3. Utility Chest Box

For the user who likes to place a tool box in the bed of a truck, a utility chest box is a simple and practical option. A utility chest box is a wide, rectangular case that can store short and long tools alike. Providing ample space, utility chest boxes can be equipped with inner dividers so you can separate small tools and fasteners from longer tools. At Bud and Tony's Truck Parts, we sell utility chest boxes in four different sizes, from 36 inches to 48 inches long.

4. Side Mount

Side-mount tool boxes are designed to consume a minimum of space and can easily fit the backs of large and compact trucks alike. A side-mount toolbox aligns with either side rail of the truck bed and allows you to access tools easily and comfortably. The side-mount box seals with a single lid that is hinged at the back. To open the box, you simply walk to the side of the truck where the box is mounted and pop it open. There is no need to overextend your arms to access anything. Since these boxes don't extend to the floor of a tool bed, you can even store other items underneath a side-mount tool box.

5. Crossover

Crossover or cross bed toolboxes are designed to fit the width of your truck yet consume a minimum of space. A cross-bed box spans one side of the truck bed to the other and still leaves room underneath for additional storage. The box itself mounts the side rails at each end of the truck bed directly behind the rear window. A cross-bed truck will typically consist of two lids hinged at the center, allowing you to access certain tools from each side of the truck. Overall, cross-bed tool boxes offer maximum storage efficiency with minimal space consumption.

6. Trailer Tongue

For the trailer truck, the trailer-tongue tool box makes convenient use of space that might otherwise go to waste. The box sits on the top of the trailer tongue and opens at the top like a utility chest. Trailer tongue tool boxes have a trapezoid design that conforms to the wedge of a trailer tongue. If your work vehicle uses a trailer, a toolbox of this type could put the top of the tongue to use and leave the trailer bed free for larger objects. If you regularly haul furnishings or vehicles in your trailer, a tongue box would likely be your best option.

How to Choose the Right Truck Tool Box

To choose the best toolbox for your truck, you need to consider the width and length of your truck. You will also need to determine where the box should be situated, as this will be a determining factor. If the box is a side or top-mount, ask yourself just how much space you can afford to reserve for such a box along the back of your vehicle. Consider the following factors before you make your choice:

1. Capacity

The type of tool box that you choose for your truck should have sufficient capacity to accommodate all of your work tools. If the tools run the gamut in size and length, you will need a box that can store all the sizes in question. Preferably, the box should also have internal dividers, trays or drawers for different tool types. For example, if you carry everything from small fasteners to saws and hammers, you will need to have dividers that organize the fasteners separately from the large tools.

2. Location and Access to Tools

You should also make your choice of tool box based on your access preferences. Do you like to have storage compartments that open up from the top like a chest, or do you prefer to have storage compartments that slide out like drawers? Consider if it would be best to have a tool box that mounts along the side of your truck bed or that straddles the rails on both ends against the back of your rear window. Take into account your own capabilities. Are you comfortable reaching over or kneeling down to access your tools or should you store them so you can access standing upright with minimal exertion?

3. Material

The strength and durability of a tool box are primarily determined by its material. The following three materials account for the majority of truck tool boxes on the market:

  • Aluminum: Tool boxes made of aluminum are among the more durable due to the strength and corrosion resistance of the metal. Even when directly exposed to rain and moisture, an aluminum toolbox is unlikely to rust. However, aluminum is not the world's strongest metal and blunt force can cause dents.
  • Steel: Tool boxes made of steel are generally the most durable ones available on the market because steel is a stronger metal than aluminum. A steel box will not dent easily and will hold together despite years of rough use. Unless treated, however, steel can develop rust if it gets wet.
  • Plastic: The plastic used in a truck tool box is generally stronger than your average plastic. As such, plastic toolboxes are a reliable option. Though not nearly as strong as metal, plastic doesn't rust. However, plastic can wear down through years of rough use and raw exposure.

4. Measure for a Truck Tool Box

Before you set your sights on a particular tool box, consider the dimensions of the box in relation to the size of your truck bed or trailer. A side-mount, for example, will require long enough bed rails to accommodate the length of the box. An underbody, on the other hand, will require sufficient underside room between the bottom of the truck or trailer and the street below. As you take dimensions into consideration, also think about how much remaining space you'll need in your truck bed. Can you sacrifice a portion of the truck bed for a tool box, or should the box be situated away from this area?

To ensure things will properly before you put your money down, measure the dimensions of your truck bed and compare those dimensions to the size of prospective truck toolboxes. If a box fits the space you have reserved and still allows sufficient space for other storage needs, you have found a good match.

Truck Tool Boxes From Bud and Tony's Truck Parts

When you arrive at a work site, you need to have your tools organized and available, but this can only be possible if you know where each tool is at all times. With an aluminum truck tool box, you will know at every appointment where each tool is located for instant access when necessary. At Bud and Tony's Truck Parts, we sell aluminum topsider, underbody and utility chest tool boxes in multiple sizes. Explore our truck toolboxes to determine the best one for your needs. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.