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Semi-Truck Steering Wheels

Spending long days and nights in a truck isn't always comfortable. However, when you customize your rig, it adds some personalization and comfort that can make those long days a little easier — ensuring you and your truck are ready to tackle any job.

One way to customize your semi-truck is picking out a steering wheel. Bud and Tony's Truck Parts has a diverse inventory of top-quality steering wheels for semi-trucks, which means we have a steering wheel for every truck.


Steering Wheels for Semi-Trucks

Discover the best in comfort and precision by installing a new steering wheel in your semi-truck. We offer a wide variety of steering wheels in different colors and styles. We carry a large inventory because we want to make it easy to find the right one.

These are the color options available in our new steering wheels:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Wood
  • Leather
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Purple

Bud and Tony's Truck Parts also carries different style options. No matter your preference, our different colors and styles ensure there's an option for every driver. Our styles include:

  • Three-spoke
  • Four-spoke
  • Leather
  • Mahogany

Choosing the color and style of a new steering wheel is the first step to customizing your rig. Using a new and customized steering wheel can make trips even better.

Our steering wheels fit on the following truck brands:

Drive a different truck than any of these brands? Get in touch with us. We'll help figure out if our steering wheels will be compatible with your truck.


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Begin customizing your truck's cab with a custom semi-truck steering wheel from Bud and Tony's Truck Parts. Finding the right steering wheel is just the beginning.

We offer many other products to help a truck feel like it's truly yours. Don't stop with just the steering wheel. We carry a variety of other items for a cab's interior, like mattresses, shift knobs, desks and floor mats. When you shop Bud and Tony's Truck Parts, we have all the products you need in one convenient place.

Our commitment to providing exceptional customer service guarantees our customers have a great experience every time they shop with us. Have any questions about outfitting your rig, give us a call — chances are, you'll speak with Bud or Tony themselves.

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