60mm Locking DEF Cap

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NOTE: These caps DO NOT fit pick-up trucks or smaller duty vehicles. These are ONLY for heavy-duty sized semi trucks. If you are looking for a DEF cap for a pick-up truck, try a local auto parts store. These will NOT fit. 

NOTE: By law, DEC caps cannot be keyed alike. Each lock has its own unique key (Locks come with 2 keys)

60mm Locking DEF Cap Secure your Diesel Exhaust Fluid tank to protect it from theft, tampering, and contamination. With the price and regulations regarding DEF and emissions, your fleet cannot afford any issues. Use our state-of-the-art locking DEF caps to protect yourself.

You might overlook DEF as a small component in the massive operating system of a truck, but it can be a target for theft and tampering. Stealing your fluid means not having to pay for it themselves, which allows them to make a profit while your bottom line takes a hit. Secure access to each of your truck’s DEF intakes with our 60mm locking fuel caps. We’ll hook you up with as many keys as you need, limiting access to those who you trust with the responsibility.

These caps will not corrode when in contact with Diesel Exhaust Fluid, as they are corrosion-proof as well as weather resistant. By providing a tight seal on the opening, these 60mm locking DEF caps also prevent the DEF from spilling or leaking, maximizing its lifespan and preventing damage to other components in the process. The caps, which include a two-year warranty, come with a built-in tether to secure them to the area without having to worry about losing them.

They fit Volvo and Mack trucks, but they fit other brands as well, which enhances their versatility.