Mobile Office

When you spend long days or nights on the road, your cab needs to feel like a temporary home. In addition to mobile bedding, furniture, and appliances, you need products to help you stay productive even when you're not driving. At Bud and Tony's Truck Parts, we specialize in helping truck drivers stay safe and comfortable for the long haul. Now we want to help you stay productive too with mobile office equipment.

In a space as confined as the cab of a semi-truck, setting up a mobile office can be challenging. But with our innovative solutions for a semi-truck mobile office on the go, you can stay as productive as possible between and during long trips. We offer mountable truck desks, business cases, cab organization tools and much more from the nation's most reputable manufacturers.

Browse our semi-truck desk accessories, bags and other mobile office items below.


Semi-Truck Mobile Office Totes

We offer an array of mobile office totes that keep your belongings safe and insulated. From office tote sets to cooler bags, we have what you need to store essential items efficiently on the road. 

Our general categories of semi-truck mobile office totes include the following:

  • Tote and cooler sets
  • File totes and file tote sets
  • Insulated cooler bags
  • Desk lifts 
  • Tote accessories, including power inverters and soil guards

All of our tote options are highly versatile and offer maximum protection during travel. Ask one of our experts about which tote is right for your needs.


Semi-Truck Mobile Business Case Options

When you need a safe way to store a laptop and other electronics while on the road, choose our semi-truck mobile business cases. We offer a wide range of bags and bag sets designed with versatile storage capabilities, including:

  • Business cases and case sets
  • Cooler bags
  • Portable auto organizers
  • Nurse bags and bag sets


Semi-Truck Laptop Desks

When you need to use your laptop on the go, you need portable semi-truck desk accessories that are compatible with your truck cab's space requirements. We provide a wide range of ergonomically suitable truck desks that you can mount to the passenger seat, including:

  • Standard semi-truck desks with filing compartments
  • Semi-truck desks with built-in power inverters
  • Car desks


Cab Organization Products

Staying organized is the key to maintaining successful on-the-road mobile office routines. That's why we offer an array of cab organization products and accessories that store essential semi-truck mobile office components securely and conveniently. 

Right now, we're offering RoadPro's 14-Pocket Seat-Back Organizer, which features 14 storage pockets that safely fit various electronics and other mobile office devices and provides easy access. Cut back on clutter and optimize your semi-truck's mobile office concept with these innovative products.


Choose Bud and Tony's Truck Parts for Your Semi-Truck Mobile Office Needs

If you're looking to outfit your semi-truck with the latest in mobile office technology, browse our products and get in touch with us today if you have any questions.