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  • Fenders

    Who needs fenders? You do! Unless you’re going for that rustic “corroded” look on your rig. Fenders help keep the under side of your truck clean and free of debris. Everything you drive over can be kicked up in and onto the truck – or at other vehicles on the road. Fenders keep this in check.


    Stainless or Poly?

    Poly fenders have gained in popularity over the last few years, and for good reason. Not only are they cheaper than stainless fenders, ploy fenders are durable and can bounce back from collisions and dents. Some can literally be folded in half and come back to shape.


    Poly fenders are constructed from molded polyethylene, which won't rust or dent and can handle wear and tear from daily use. This type of fender protects your tires without adding a lot of additional weight – and they come in different colors.


    Despite the lower cost and toughness of the poly fenders, a lot of truckers still love the shine of a stainless fender. Yes, they are heavier and dents don’t bounce out of them, but if your truck is more for show than road, mirror polished stainless steel will always turn heads.


    Fiberglass Fenders

    Fiberglass Fenders add less weight than stainless, but still add shine. They cost more than poly fenders, but they give the look of steel without the stainless price tag. One thing to note about fiberglass fenders is they usually do not come pre-drilled. You’ll want to keep your old fenders around for measurements when the fiberglass ones are ready to install.


    Bud and Tony’s Truck Parts carries fiberglass fenders from several manufacturers. Most are made when ordered, so lead times can exceed 6 weeks. 


    Fender Kits

    Fender Kits make installing new fenders easier by coming in an “everything’s included” set. Bud and Tony’s Truck Parts carries both poly and stainless steel fender kits. Fenders are universal and do not require make/model/year match in order to fit. Just about every rear fender can be a Freightliner fender, Peterbilt fender, Kenworth fender and so on. That is unless you’re looking for front fenders, which are model-specific. 


    You can always get fender brackets separately, too. Or, in some cases, use your old brackets. If you aren’t sure, give us a call or shoot us an e-mail and we’ll answer any questions you have.