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  • Cabin Filters

    Truckers and fleet management personnel understand the importance of fresh air intake for an engine. Components under the hood are unable to function at maximum output without a clean, uninterrupted source of air. For the safety of drivers, passengers and those on the road, this idea also applies to the cabin area of semi-trucks.

    Semi-trucks from manufacturers such as Mack, Kenworth, Peterbilt and Freightliner require cabin filters for air filtration. Truckers spend a considerable amount of time behind the wheel, and these devices help owners control heating and cooling vents for comfort. At Bud and Tony's Truck Parts, we want our customers to have the ultimate driving experience, so we stock our online store with replacement cabin filters to keep the air in your truck clean and comfortable. 

    What Are Semi-Truck Cabin Filters?
    Semi-truck cabin filters remove contaminants from the air when a vehicle's HVAC system is in use. Truckers navigate through construction zones, inclement weather, dirt roads and more, so these filters work to remove dust, pollen, bacteria and gases before they can enter the cabin. It is recommended truckers replace cabin filters every 12,000-15,000 miles for efficiency, but some choose to swap them out every 5,000 miles based on conditions.

    Changing Mack, Kenworth, Peterbilt and Freightliner Semi-Truck Cabin Filters
    The first step in deciding if a rig's cabin air filters are worn out is to locate and inspect them. When it's time to check, truckers may notice key warning signs that current installations are overdue for replacement. These include reduced power coming from the HVAC system, unpleasant odors in the cabin and rattling sounds originating near cooling and heating vents. All semi-truck setups are unique, but most cabin air filters are located in the following areas:

    - Under the hood
    - Along the bottom of the dashboard (passenger side)
    - Behind glove box panels
    - Mounted on the outside of the hood
    - It is better to replace cabin filters rather than try to clean them, as the materials can tear easily. It's wise to assess the condition of filters between long rides, especially if a rig is exposed to harsh working conditions. Dirty cabin filters will have dark spots, bugs and other contaminants visible on outer surfaces.

    Selecting Semi-Truck Cabin Filters: Mack, Kenworth, Peterbilt and Freightliner Models
    Bud and Tony's Truck Parts keeps rigs on the road with a vast selection of interior and exterior accessories. We supply cabin filters in a number of shapes and sizes for industry-leading brands. Whether a semi-truck is used for shipments and deliveries or enters judging competitions, we give drivers plenty of options for parts replacements.


    All of our listings display additional information about compatibility and placement. Finding the correct cabin filters for a semi-truck's make, model and year is simple through our one-stop shop.


    Place an Order for Semi-Truck Cabin Filters at Bud and Tony's Truck Parts
    Bud and Tony's Truck Parts increases the convenience of life on the road with quick deliveries and an expanding online store. We bring our customers products compatible with Kenworth, Mack, Volvo and other world-class names to keep rigs dependable for owner satisfaction. Place an order for cabin filters today, and be sure to fill out a contact form for assistance with our products and services.