Air/Power Hoses & Accessories

At Bud and Tony's Truck Parts, we provide the parts and tools you need to keep your semi-truck in excellent condition during any season. We stock our inventory with semi-truck hoses from trusted manufacturers such as Tramec Sloan LLC and more. When it comes to the quality of our selection, we never compromise. Learn more about the semi-truck power hose products we have to offer below.

Semi-Truck Hoses for Sale

Bud and Tony's Truck Parts offers an extensive selection of semi-truck power hoses and semi-truck air brake hoses at affordable prices. When you need to replace your semi-truck hose, you must consider the proper hose length for your vehicle, as well as the features you need to optimize your semi-truck's performance. We carry an array of semi-truck power hose and air brake hose options from reputable brands such as Tramec Sloan LLC and Philatron.

Whether you need 6-foot no-handle hose wraps or coiled electrical cables, you can find everything in our semi-truck power hose inventory. 

Our air and power hose products include:

Stallion Coiled Air and Electrical Cable Xenoy Plugs

We offer Stallion Coiled Air and Stallion Electrical Cable Xenoy Plugs with the option of 40-inch lead cables. Philatron makes these coiled air and electrical cables, and they come with the following major features:

  • A three-year warranty (with a 40-inch lead)
  • 10- and 40-inch tail lengths (with a 40-inch lead) and two 10-inch tails (no 40-inch lead)
  • Destruction-proof Cable Xenoy plugs included

MAXXGrip Handle 3-in-1 Wraps and Hoses

The MAXXGrip Handle 3-in-1 Wraps with Black Hoses from Tramec Sloan LLC come in a variety of lengths that accommodate most semi-truck models and configurations. This air hose line features options for aluminum grip handles as well as a 12-inch powder-coated grip handle option. The MAXXGrip Handle series includes the following major benefits:

  • Abrasion resistance
  • A variety of lengths to choose from
  • Tightly bundles components
  • Prevents power lines from getting tangled

Dura Grip Handle 3-in-1 Wraps and Hoses

We also sell Dura Grip Handle 3-in-1 Wraps with Black Hoses, which are excellent semi truck air brake hose solutions from Tramec Sloan LLC. This product's benefits include:

  • A choice of different lengths
  • Prevents power lines from tangling
  • Optimal abrasion resistance
  • Keeps all components secure

We also offer various no handle options. 


Semi-Truck Hose Accessories for Sale

In addition to semi-truck power hoses and air brake hoses, we offer semi-truck power hose accessories, including:

  • Various MAXXGrip GladHand Emergency components from Tramec Sloan LLC
  • MAXXGrip GladHand Service devices in aluminum and cast iron from Tramec Sloan LLC

Reach out to our expert team today to learn more about our semi-truck hose accessories and their applications.

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