Air Filters & Accessories

Two of Your Truck's Most Important Parts: Air Cleaners and Filters

One of the most important things a truck needs to run efficiently is AIR. Without free-flowing air, a truck’s engine is forced to work harder, resulting in extra wear and tear, and requiring more frequent maintenance.

Your truck’s best defense against this is a clean, well-functioning air-filter.

There are two kinds of air cleaners, the large external designs used on classically styled trucks, also called “Air Breathers,” and compact underhood designs used on modern aerodynamic trucks.

Within an air cleaner is the air filter. Just like the filters on your furnace or any regular-duty vehicle, the air filter in a semi-truck keeps harmful bits of dirt and debris from reaching the important, moving mechanisms of the engine, where they can cause serious damage.

Bud and Tony’s Truck Parts offers a variety of air cleaner housings and is proud to carry K&N Filters.

We also carry another line of defense in Freedom Air Filters “’pre” filters, which block larger pieces of dirt and debris from ever reaching the inner filter.

And, just because an air cleaner is a utility part of the truck doesn’t mean it can’t look just as sharp as the rest of the cab. Bud and Tony’s Truck Parts carries a wide selection of traditional air cleaner lights, inner lights, as well as RoadWorks Manufacturing’s NEW “mock” air cleaner lights which give trucks with an underhood air cleaner the same cool look as the older trucks with external cleaners.

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