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About Bud and Tony’s Truck Parts

Bud and Tony’s Truck Parts started as an idea for a solution to a problem – fuel tampering and fuel theft in the trucking industry. Each with decades of experience in automotive industry, Bud and Tony patented their locking fuel cap covers and began selling from their southeast Michigan facility.

Three years and 30,000 square feet later, Bud and Tony’s Truck Parts offers thousands of heavy-duty truck parts and accessories to drivers and owner/operators all over the country.

Our goal is simple – to meet the changing needs of America’s trucking industry. From cab comfort to fuel efficiency, we work to make America’s truck drivers’ long haul a better experience.

Why Bud and Tony’s? 

Quality Products:  At Bud and Tony’s Truck Parts, we believe in ingenuity, exceptional craftsmanship and quality manufacturing. Our team diligently researches the manufacturers and products we offer because, let’s face it, no one can afford to waste money or time on parts that don’t work or break down – especially when you’re on the road.

Dedicated Customer Service: Our customers service team is available by phone, live chat and e-mail. If you have a question – give us a call or drop us a note through our Contact Form. Our purpose is to get truck drivers what they need – and if that means we need to look beyond our Web site, we will gladly do it. In a nutshell – we will find what you are looking for.

Constant Growth: We work with top-rated manufacturers of all sizes to continually expand our catalog of heavy-duty truck parts and accessories. We add new manufacturers and new parts every single day.

Our Web Site: We are always looking for new ways to make our site easier to navigate. From improving our mobile view to organizing products so they are simple to find, our Web site is designed for ease of use.

Charitable Contributions: In addition to participation in local charitable and fundraising events, we donate a portion of our proceeds, every month, to a selection of well-known and respected trucker-focused organizations. Truckers Against Trafficking, Convoy of Hope and are just a few of the groups we continue to support, thanks to every purchase made at